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Stop the Violence

Posted by [email protected] on October 15, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Everything was rosey, till the day


Sara started getting hurt.


It started with words, they went from


not so bad to worse.


Insults would hit her ears like hot


water to skin,


who said names could never hurt you?


They lied!


No matter what she did for him, she


just couldn't win.


Then came the threats.


In her mind Sara thought to herself,


"He loves me. He said he did, so it


must be true",


yet every Friday night when he got


home from the bar, it was her arms


that ended up sore, black and blue.


It lasted for months, and months turned


to years;


he paid all the bills and she had no where


to go...,


he knew all that, plus she loved him, so he


played on her fears.


One day he came home and the dinner


wasn't done;


enraged, he started throwing things at her,


but she loved him, so for her it wasn't an


option to run.


When her friends found out she refused to


to leave after all that he had done, they asked


poor Sara most abrasively,


"What's the matter with you?! Do you think


he's doing this crap for fun?!"


But Sara wouldn't give up on her man, that's


not what she was taught;


her mother always said "You stick by your man


like I did with your father even though we


always fought."


The abuse continued as a few more years pasted.


Her friends pleaded with her, "Please leave this


beast! You don't know what he'll do!"


Sara got angry and kicked them all out, and said,


"Don't say another word! This conversation we're


having is through!"


That same night he got mad,


pushed her into the frig, and punched her


straight up in her jaw.


When he left the police came and said, "You want to


file a restraining order? The next time he tries anything,


you'll be fully protected by the law."


She thought,'If i do this he'll hate me and beat me again. Then


where will my daughter and I live?'


So she sent them away,


figured she'd make this thing work,


and give it all she had to give.


After all, it was her fault she thought.


His dinner wasn't done,


she deserved that punch;


and being thrown into the wall?


she should've packed what he LIKED for lunch.


It was her fault.


The next night he came home, madder than the night before.


"You called the cops on me?! Who do you think you are?!


You're not leaving me! You're not walking out that door!"


Across the floor she flew, and into the wall with a 'THUD',


and she bled from her head as he took a sip of his BUD.


Terror swept over her, she was weak and had nowhere


to run,


she looked up in time to see him walk over to her bloodied


body, revealing his gun.


"You had to make me mad! Look what you've done!


You had to go and piss me off! Hope it was worth it! Did you


have fun?!"




"Stop your whining Sara! You wanted our marriage to end,


so fine! Here we go!"


And with that he pulled the trigger, and Sara was shot in the head;


the next day her best friend found her on the floor, and her


5 year old daughter lay shot in the bed.


Many were hurt cried at their funeral that week, but no one knew


what was left to be said;


Sara waited and hoped that this mad man would change, and as a result,


her and her daughter ended up dead.






                                                                  ~TONY WADE~


                                                        DIAMONDSTAR ENTERTAINMENT



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