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If I (dedicated to my true love)

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Written By: Tony Wade


Dedicated to: Kiexiza Rodriquez                   




If you ever doubt that we were meant


To be;


If the rough times leave you pondering


What you actually thought you saw


In me;




you ever get that feeling like you’re




And you feel I’m too far away from you


To even reach by phone;




The love you felt from me in the beginning


seems to have diminished in any way;


and you feel that when you speak, I have


no interest in what you have to say;




You ever feel I don’t care about what makes


You happy,


Or you think my mind tends to wander to


The woman next door who batted her eyes at


At me;




You feel I don’t tell you I LOVE YOU enough




Because I don’t find you exciting and consider you


To have become a bore;




You believe you’re losing me because I complained


That we don’t seem to be making love like we use to,


And you don’t seem to be doing the things you use


To do;




You feel like you will end up unlucky in LOVE


Once again…,


Let me put your mind at ease:


You are my heart;


You’re the air I breathe and the song I sing;


You bring life and sunshine to my dreary day,


You make me feel like when you speak, I can trust


In everything you say;


And girl… let me tell you, you satisfy me in EVERY




Your love for me is unmatched,


And the master plan that was set for us from the


beginning of time has yet to be unhatched!


I believe in you, and all you do!


You complete every aspect of me;


You are my personal angel sent from heaven


Just for me!


I will never go so far that you aren’t able to get


to me!


And baby, if anyone can make it through the tough


times, we’ve proven that we can!


You could never bore me because I fell in love with


You for who you are,


Not who I hoped you’d eventually be;


I need you to be who you’ve always been,


because as that woman, this life’s test we are bond to win!


I’m not any of those men in your past who never saw


the Value and Potential in you;


I’m here to give you the LOVE and RESPECT that I


Know you are well overdue.


From this point on, you don’t have to feel that pain




I’m here to be what you need and require;


No more weak ass men for hire who demand to be called sire!


Here I am, standing in front of you, waiting for you to realize


that I was made for you, equipped with everything you need!


I LOVE you…, pledge my LOVE to you from this point on!


Trust me when I say you’ve found your FOREVER LOVE in me!


I live to protect and guard your heart, kiss, hold, pamper,


adore, and LOVE you, and be what you need me to be.


 I need you to know that from this point on…,


I’m here for you till the end, and that’s how I desire it


To be;


So you no longer need to use the word “IF” with me.




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