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The Best part of ME

Posted by [email protected] on October 15, 2011 at 1:05 PM



 Written by: Tony Wade


When I look back,


what do I see


in all my years proceeding these?


Anger and hurt


bottled up inside of me!


Living for everyone


else’s lives and excepting


Their decisions for




Never thought I’d see


my way out of this




Praying to God daily that


He’d hear my cries,


Have mercy on me, and


that my troubled life he


Would bless!


Never saw any hope


for me;


Never knew if I’d


have a future, or what my


future would be!


Maybe that’s why it


was easy for people to run me!


My future I could not




But then came you…,


All this time I was looking for a sign, and you had


Always been there,


yet I never knew,


It was you who would


change my gray ski to a




All along it was you!


You reached out to me, lifted me up out of the dirt,  


Taught me how to


smile when all I had ever known


Was disappointment in


a world full of hurt!


You taught me that I was


destined to overcome;


You stood by my side,


and I was able to stand strong, no


Longer feeling it


necessary to run!


My fear of failure in


things yet to come…, done.


I feel a need to


shout from the roof tops..,




Do you realize what


you’ve done for me?


Eliminating the pain,


and giving me a new song!


I can see clearly now!


I know putting my


trust in you, I can couldn’t go wrong!


a new beginning set to




a chapter unlived in


my life, yet to be told,


and my destiny…, mine


to mold!!!


You put a pulse in my


veins I hadn’t felt before;


A zest for life that


always leaves me wanting more!


I’m new in most


ways.,,, revitalized in others;


You showed me a love


untainted and unyielding;


My mind is spinning


over it…, I can’t believe how you have me




With you you’re not


about the cars, money, or fame;


I could have all of


that, or nothing at all, and


you’d still love me just


the same!


Love for you is an




Not meant as a past time


filler or game!


Aggressive with our




Paying no mind to the




You’ve shown me we


can accomplish “ANYTHING”


if we work as a team,


best believe we can make it




I’m sorry, but it’s


hard to explain exactly how I feel!


You brought me out of


a darkness that left me


Feeling dead inside!


I released my pain in


private, so no one can truly


Fathom the amount of


tears I’d cried!


Went to funerals to


pay respects to the dead,


Many times wishing it


was me lying there instead!


But you’ve saved my


life, and I don’t have time to


think of defeat;


I’m full of drive and


positivity now thanks to the love


of my life…, her name


is Kie if by chance you should


ever meet!


the most precious of


gems!  I ain’t lying, that’s what


you are to me!


And that’s not hard for


me to say, because I’m


comfortable with


admitting, that although as a couple


we are one…, most


certainly, “you are the best part of me!”


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