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Picture What is an Affiliation? It is according to the Dictionary, a person or organization that is affiliated with another. What does that mean really?
Well to me it means, that I trust these groups or persons with all that I am.
It means that I regularly work with, speak to, and have direct contact with these organizations.
No one can pay me to get on this page. You can trust that I trust them.
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Love Walk Motivation Services

Tired of living a life filled with emotional ups and downs? Tired of trying to get out but can't ever really scratch the surface? Coach Shalonda "Treasure" Williams has spent the last 15+ years finding the value in herself. Using life experience along with certified training, she lives to help others do the same. Through Self Worth Coaching, Books, Audios, Videos, Seminars, Keynote Speaking & Workshops, you will be transformed from the inside out. No longer will you walk around feeling that you are in any way inadequate. Allow Coach Treasure to help you find your true destiny and get out of your own way and step into it.
You Are Enough!

"I can speak from personal experience. Treasure is just that...a gem, and worth her weight in gold with what she does for you."

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Visionary League of Artist

Our mission here in Visionary League Of Artists is to provide a well-constructed, diverse platform That unites some of the most talented Artists Around the world; artists That believe in making a positive change in society through support and communication, while remembering V.L.A is a Family of royalty, so within the Group we will strive to achieve greatness & excel with our talents. Within this group we will be accountable for helping motivate each member to be the best of their ability at their craft. We will each be personally held accountable for helping each member to network their art or talent to the world.

 Here in V.L.A we want to always display thoughtfulness & compassion by beginning to reach out to all communities, women, men and children by allowing our voices to be heard, coordinating, implementing ideas, and combining gifts and talents to revolutionize art as the world has know it thus far. Most importantly, our objective is to attempt to touch or change lives. We are THE Visionary League of Artists. Let's change the world. -Founder Poet Delano L. Johnson

Kiexiza Rodriquez

Not only is she my other half, but she is a talented writer, creative soul and loving nurturing mother and sister. If you are lucky enough to be a friend of hers a more humble woman you'll never find.
As a writer she has crafted a unique novel series, that is sure to appeal to everyone.The Beautiful Mess Series will move you from the beginning to its end, then leave you hanging on anxiously waiting for the sequel.
Kie, has a way of telling a story that you are sure to relate to and take from. You will find yourself in tears, upset and then  smiling at her witty way of exposing you to the journey her characters embark on. With a little bit of Spirituality, Romance, Real life and Mystery all rolled into one bbook, you're sure to find the Beautiful Mess Series, a read unlike any other. And, the ending...well let's just say it's sure to surprise you!
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Bringing You the Smooth Grooves from the 60's on Up, LIVE Interviews and a Lot More 24 Hours a day 7 days a week!
Station #: (954)417-5952
Call in and request and leave a comment!
Look no further than right here for some great sounds. melodic tunes, and the best in today and yesterday's music!

Elizabeth Funderbirk

A mother, soon to be wife, creative, energetic, positive person you will find in miss Funderbirk. She is the author of a wonderful novel entitled, "Love Torn Asunder." This novel has so many twists, turns and facets to it that you can't help but not want to put it down.
The Founder of Saving Lives Through Lit a NPO lead by donations to help assist agencies that give victims of violence a new start. She is also the owner of a web design company, " " with the use of layouts assisting you with website design.
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Saving Lives Through Lit

This is a Project that was born last year by author Elizabeth Funderbirk. Looking for a way to share her story of survival from the abuse she suffered. she reached out to friend and literary peer, Kiexiza Rodriquez and together  they brought  SAVING LIVES THROUGH LITERATURE, to reality. Elizabeth Funderbirk and Kiexiza Rodriquez, desire to bring an awareness and voice to the voiceless affected by Domestic Violence  and other abuse crisis.
SLTL is  a Non-Profit venture that will assist by donations to the many agencies and foundations that help victims, start anew. As representatives of the literary community SLTL contributors will lend our Voices/Pens, talents and skills to the cure.

We pray that  our efforts are met with an abundance of support. So that we can all be apart of the Movement to end Domestic Violence.
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So Fyh Magazine Online

So Fyh Magazine Online is a free publication that is committed to ignite, spark, and to awaken as well as to commission a global class of readers.  When no other publication or media outlet focuses on the latest news from all around the globe.
So Fyh Magazine Online becomes your trusted confidant that will understand the intricate part of your personality, also hipping you to the latest fashion trends and beauty mania. So Fyh Magazine Online supports your professional ambitions, goals and dreams alone and we have your best interest at heart.
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Poetic Realities

This is a book of poetry that i truly enjoyed every page of. It is short, to the point and has the ability to move you with every line. Kaye, as I call her, is a very loving, talented, skillful writer able to draw you in with every word.
She has created a poetry book that touches and impresses  me the more i read it
Visit Kaye's WEBSITE to get your copy.

Mattie's Periodical

MATTIE'S Periodical, is a quarterly publication featuring Authors, Publishing Companies, Book Clubs and,exciting reviews of new, upcoming and previously published books!
You will also find informational articles and interviews. Indulge in ALL your publishing needs and desires with MATTIE'S Periodical.
Here you will find something of interest to the avid Reader, Publisher and Authors alike!
Check out the newest edition of Mattie's Periodical.

MATTIE'S Periodical  *
Advertising Cost
FULL Color Page: $75.00
HALF Color Page: $45.00
ONE Quarter Page: $25.00
Book List (Author's Only): $10.00

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Creation by Donna

My art is an extension of who I am and whether I'm using oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen and ink or working in paint shop programs on my computer I am always creating.

I always make sure that I ask the creator to partner with me and speak through me. Sappy stuff aside, art is a wonderful healing experience that can be shared by all.

In doing custom design it is important for me to talk to you and get an accurate feel for you and what message you want to convey...The big question I have for you is "How do you want people to feel when they are on your page?"

Taquila Thompson

Taquila Thompson is a 22 year old single mother. At age fourteen she started to write poems as a hobby but after she gave birth to her first daughter at age seventeen she decided that she would pursue writing full time. She is now a mother of two with her first children’s series being released. It is entitled “Not Your Ordinary Family.” She was inspired to write the series from her own experience of growing up with a father in prison and by watching her daughter go through the same situation. So she decided to embrace it and let other families know that they are not alone. She’s overcome a lot in her life and she just wants to touch the world one person at a time.