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The Candy Shop

Posted by [email protected] on October 15, 2011 at 1:05 PM



I wish i was in junior high again, but the fact is..., I'M NOT!

I have no time for your emotion game playing!

And no matter how many times I come wit it,

you still ain't gasping what i'm saying!

While i'm out, you're on the phone with the Candy Shop!

While your out, you gotta go to the Candy Shop!

When I gotta go away on a trip, you probably bringing

goodies home from the Candy Shop!

And when you're in the showe,r or laying next to me in bed,

you probably DREAM about the Candy Shop!

To be honest, my patience level has just about all but ran


At home you have plenty that's sweet?

There ain't a thing the Candy Shop can give you

that  I can't beat!

What do you want from me?!

The Candy Shop may have a CHUNKY,

but at home you have Mr. GOODBAR!

What does the Shop offer, LAFFY TAFFY?!

Lol! Right...,

You need to recognize that my JOLLY RANCHER is the


But no, you'd rather go to the Candy Shop and get yourself

some emotional COTTON CANDY!

But that's cool..,

know what I'm sayin'?

It's quite alright.

Why don't you just stay on over at the Candy Shop and


I don't need a SOUR TART like your ass anyway!

You had all this beautiful grass in this yard but you wanna be

emotionally attached to the Candy Shop mud!

When I leave your emotionally attached, gotta have it behind,

don't bother me when you find out all you're gonna be able to get

from the Candy Shop is a melting MILK DUD!!!

Go ahead to the Candy Shop, maybe have yourself a another


Just hope and pray this time you'll find that special treat there

that in the past you never did!

I can help but SNICKER at the thought of you going back to the

Candy Shop, thinking you can quench your sweet tooth;

There's no way you're gonna eat of my sweets, and think

you can turn around and eat at the Candy Shop's booth!

Foolish chick!

Thought you were my HOT TAMALIE, but all you were was a

two bit heart breaker,

who deserves a damn JAW BREAKER!

You ain't nothing more than a squirrel tryin' to get my


I'm not your convenient little toy!

You get none of this here ALMOND JOY!

Sick of your games!

I can find a chocolate covered cherry anywhere!



                                                                   ~Author Tony Wade~






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