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Vengeance Unleashed

  Publisher: DiamondStar Entertainment & Publishing
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Book Title: Vengeance Unleashed
Genre: Mystery, Espionage
ISBN 13: 978-1-4680-2583-5
ISBN 10: 1-468-02583-X







Sisters Jessica and Sybil were raised by their uncle after the untimely death of their parents. When their unique, and natural skills are recognized by a secret department inside of the N.C.U. They are recruited and taught to do one thing…KILL. When Jessica is killed on a mission overseas, Sybil disappears refusing to return. Putting the agency and all its nasty business behind her, she takes to the protecting the innocent from the streets and the vermin that would prey upon them.

When agents start dropping like flies while on missions, the N.C.U sends a blast from Sybil’s past to inform her that she was never out. She is an agent for life. If she helps them take out this assassin, they will let her go. But, what he reveals to lure her back in, sets Sybil on a rampage not even he could not have anticipated.

There were mistakes made and someone will have to pay...


Mistake #1, someone killed her parents, Mistake #2, someone killed her sister, Mistake #3… they thought she wouldn’t find out the truth… They Were Wrong!  Hell Hath No Fury… Like Sybil, When Scorned! And now, everyone will feel her FURY!




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Dark Alley Mayhem



“It’s just you and me baby, all alone. I promise you, it won’t hurt. Not much, anyway.”

“Please, don’t do this! Please, please!” she pleaded from the ground where she fell after her attacker slapped her in the face. Tears flowed down her red cheeks as she looked up at him hoping for a sign of human courtesy. Fear took over her, as the face that looked back at her was face void of emotion. Images of her being raped and murdered in a stinky, wet, dark alleyway flashed before her. She’d never see her husband or child again.  She was sure of it.

 “Save it whore! I need it, and you know you want it,” he seethed. “Besides, you’ll be begging for more by the time I’m done with you. So you might as well lay back and enjoy the ride. I know I will,” he said, as he stood over her undoing his belt.

She trembled, and slowly slid backward along the cold, damp, trash littered ground.

Her tormenter grabbed her by the ankle, halting her retreat. He smiled a cold and evil grin that ended her thoughts of an escape and pulled her back to him.

“And just where do you think you’re going? You’re starting to make me think you don’t want anything to do with me. Is that it? Are you trying to hurt my feelings and insult my intelligence?” He asked, and leaned down and raked his hand across the side of her face again. “I think you like making things harder than they have to be.”

Her head was tossed to the side from the force of his blow. She let out a loud gasp and raised her hand to her mouth. Instantly she felt the wetness of her own blood on the back of her hand. When she looked down, and confirmed, her hand was covered in blood. She cried out in fear, as the taste of blood seeped into her mouth.

She blamed all of this on her husband.

An hour ago he called to say he was bringing something home for dinner, but as usual he had neither showed with the food nor answered his phone when she called to check on him. So she caving into a rumbling stomach, she ventured out, just a few blocks down to the corner bodega, in search of a quick bite. As she rounded the corner, with her turkey and cheese hoagie bag in hand, she was grabbed.

“You see what you made me do?” The man asked, interrupting her thoughts, “Now hold still or you’ll get more of the same! I’m about to give you what you’ve never had. You’ll see,” he boasted as he knelt over, pushing her backward to the ground. He tugged on the top of her shirt until all of the buttons popped off, leaving her lace bra exposed. He licked his lips, and his eyes widened at the sight of her breasts. He resembled a man with his favorite meal placed in front of him.

“Pathetic,” a voice called from the darkness of the alley.

He stopped his assault and looked up toward the voice. Whimpering, the woman beneath him looked around as well. The alley was narrow and dark. It was hard to see anything more than a few feet away.

He stood up and blinked a few times to adjust his eyes to the darkness. He wanted to see who the voice belonged to.

“I really don’t think you have anything to offer. Especially considering the fact you’re really not much of a man,” the voice teased.

“Pleas! Help me!” the woman cried out from her position on the ground.

“Shut up Bitch!” he ordered as he raised one hand over his shoulder, threatening to strike her again. “Hey, why don’t you show yourself and say that to my face?” he said and buttoned his pants.

“Funny, you claim to be a man and yet in order to get a piece of ass, you have to forcibly take it?” the voice continued to taunt him.

The voice was female. He searched up the alley to put a face with the voice, but could barely see anything. He took a step forward, standing with one leg on either side of his victim as he addressed the mystery guest again.

“They want it! They beg for it! Their eyes plead ‘Red give it to me!’ I just oblige them,” he told her. He rubbed his chin, as if he was thinking. “Hey, I have an idea. How about you come out of the shadows and join us. I can show you just how much of a man I am. We’ll have a little party. Three can be a beautiful number you know.”

There was a long silence before anyone spoke again.

“I see. It appears you’ve done this before, huh? In fact, several times. Let me assure you, this will be the last woman you try to do this to.”

“Is that so? Well then, let’s see you try to stop me! I’m betting I can make you my bitch in record time!”


“Really!” he answered smugly.

“Okay. I’ll take you up on that challenge. Why don’t you show me what you’re working with, and we’ll see where it goes from there,” she said in a low temptress-like voice. He didn’t know it but she was making her way closer to him with every word.

The woman on the ground couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “Please,” she begged.

“I said shut it,” he snapped. “I’ll show you what I’m working with, if you show me yours.” He licked his lips, as he spoke to the unseen female.


Someone came out of the shadows about fifteen feet in front of him. He couldn’t make her out clearly from that distance but, as she moved/came closer, he smiled. This was going to be fun. When she reached what he thought was roughly nine feet, he could see her silhouette and features. Her hair was long and flowed in the breeze. Her dark coat stopped just below her knees and her skin seemed to glow in the alley’s dim light. He couldn’t see much else, but so far he liked what he saw and couldn’t wait for a crack at her.

“Now, show me yours like you were going to show her. You agreed.”

He smirked, not believing his luck.

“Here it goes baby. All for you,” and with that, he undid his pants again and pushed them down. They gathered around his ankles, while he held his erect penis, proudly in his hand. He stood still with a wide grin on his face, awaiting her response.

While still out of his view, the mystery woman grinned, and let out a soft chuckle.

“Nice, ah?” he smiled.

“Wow. Now I understand why you have to forcefully take what you want from women.”

His smile disappeared. He screwed the corners of his lip up, arched his eyebrows, and jerked his head back. He was about to serve her, when she cut him off.

“…like I said, those days are over for you.”

“Bitch! You don’t know who…”

Before he could finish what he was about to say, she removed a shiny object from her coat pocket and threw it two feet to his right. It ricocheted off a nearby dumpster and flew straight across his penis. With one smooth swift movement his manhood was sliced off, mere inches from his scrotum. His severed organ fell on the ground between his feet, inches in front of the woman, blood spewing into the air. The woman jerked her body back against the wall in shock at what had just transpired.

He looked down, his jaw hanging as the reality of the pain fully set in. A loud bellowing, blood curdling cry escaped his lips as he instinctively reached for what was no longer there. The woman on the ground, let out her own squeal, simultaneously tossing her arms up over her face, to protect herself from the spurting blood.

He tried to take a deep breath, but could only wheeze through his pain and staggered forward with both arms stretched towards his assailant.

“You Bitch! Look—look what you’ve done to me! I’ll—I’ll kill you! I’ll…  Kill…  You!” He stammered, through angered breathes.

“I doubt that,” she replied coldly, with a smirk.

“Aaauugghhh!” he cried, before dropping to his knees, befoer falling face first onto the ground.

“What’s your name?” the mystery woman asked, as she walked forward. The woman on the ground said nothing and continued trembling. 

She repeated her question, this time stepping closer to her, “Who are you?”

“Melanie, Melanie Burgess.”

“Well, Melanie Burgess, you might want to get up and go home to your family.”

“Huh, um, al…alright,” she replied, and got to her feet, still in a state of shock. She turned around and looked up and down the dark alley. Her hair dripped with the blood of her would-be rapist, but she didn’t move.

“Now!” her rescuer said in a forceful tone.

Melanie’s eyes focused on the woman. She wore a black coat and black clothing. Coupled with her long black hair, it was hard to see her in the dimly-lit alley.

“Thank you!” Melanie said through tears when she finally snapped back to reality.  “Who are you?”

“The name’s Sybil. Now go.”

Melanie paused when she heard the woman’s name. She did her best to collect herself, then hurried down the alley to reach the main street. She took one last look back, and then was gone.

Sybil turned and focused her attention on the dickless man who now lay cowering next to the wall.

“It’s too bad it had to come to this,” she sucked her teeth. “Payback’s a bitch, and you just met her. This was just a small piece of satisfaction for the pain you’ve caused the countless women you’ve raped and killed.”

“I’m dying, help me, please!” he pleaded, in a low, gurgling voice.

“Sorry, I’m allergic to hospitals,” she said sarcastically. “Doubt you’ll make it anyway. However, if you do happen to survive this by some miracle, it really wouldn’t be a good idea if we cross paths again. I don’t do second chances.”

And with that warning, Sybil disappeared down the alley in the opposite direction from Melanie, never once looking back.


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